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Golf Curator, Inc., and its subsidiary, Club Curator, Inc. are owned and managed by Andrew C. Mutch, PhD, a museum professional, designer, and artist with more than twenty years experience at the highest level. The company was founded in 2001 with the mission to provide all facets of museum and exhibition development services to prominent clubs and associations in possession of sizable in-house collections.More

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Why Choose Us to Care for Your Prized Collection

Golf Curator will personally carryout as many of the services as possible, and serve as the club’s representative for all work taking place out of house. We've worked in the specialized museum, archive and golf industries since 1989 and have developed a stable of proven and reliable vendors in all specialties, and with significant reductions in cost.


CLUB CURATOR, INC. Let Us Care for Your Prized Clubs.

Club Curator is a division of Golf Curator, Inc. that focuses on assisting you with assessment and coordination of your prized club collection. You can trust our expert curatorial services and our understanding of the valuable your collection holds.





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Award Winning Design.
Andrew Mutch
wins bronze Medal for design for re-branding of Barley Brewing Co.
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Northeast Document Conservation Center

Honors - January 19, 2010 .
Andrew Mutchnamed to the Honorary/Advisory Board of the Ben Hogan Foundation.  
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Articles Archives Andrew Mutch wins bronze Medal for design for re branding of Barley Brewing Co.



University of St. Andrews

Dr. Ernest Ransomed II Scholarship Trust

The British Golf Museum

The Ben Hogan Foundation

Northeast Document Conservation Center